The Sexual Harassment Workbook
Recognizing, Managing, and Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission handles over 11,000 sexual harassment cases annually, resulting in over $52 million paid out to victims. Clearly, a failure to properly prepare for and deal with sexual harassment issues can have a serious impact on businesses and careers.

This eight-lesson workbook clearly explains what sexual harassment is - and isn't - under the law, and provides a through background to help you understand:

- Dynamics underlying sexual harassment 
- How sexual harassment can be prevented, including federal rules for educating employees
- How to report sexual harassment and your rights under the law if you are a victim 
- Liability and potential consequences to employers resulting from harassment 

If you are a manager or a business owner, this workbook will clarify for you the consequences of not talking sexual harassment seriously, and it will provide you with tools to safeguard your employees and your company. And most important of all, if you are someone who finds yourself in a hostile work environment, as you work through this program, you will discover that you have options, and options give you power.

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The Sexual Harassment Workbook (eBook)

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