Whether it's five minutes spent on the floor playing with blocks, five minutes spent while dinner is cooking doing a fun experiment in the kitchen. Find over 115 activities that are perfect for parents, teachers, grandparents, caregivers and even babysitters!


The Five Minute Parent

Fun & Fast Activities for You and Your Little Ones


"Maybe this weekend" or "Maybe later" are phrases that parents and others find themselves saying to children all too often. When a child wants to play catch or go camping or make a snack--and the adults are busy with chores or watching the news or are trying to take a "few minutes for themselves"--whose agenda should take precedence?

In the time it takes to check email, load the laundry or write a grocery list, you now have 115 fast, fabulous and fun things to do with your little ones. This book turns five minutes together into a treasury of new experiences neither of you will ever forget.

The Five Minute Parent isn't just another activity book. Colorful sidebars featuring jokes, trivia, riddles, facts and famous quotes are sure to arouse your child's curiosity.

This is not about keeping your child busy while you do something else. It's for anyone who wants to build strong bonds with their child and have fun doing it! So the next time your child asks, "Will you play with me?" open this book and say, "Sure!"

Not just for parents anymore!
Keep a copy handy for:

  • grandparents
  • aunts and uncles
  • babysitters
  • teachers and daycare workers

Anytime, Anywhere!
These activities are perfect for:

  • play dates
  • birthday parties
  • holiday fun
  • rainy days

The Five Minute Parent (eBook)

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    Publication date: Jan 2015

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