A highly practical and easy-to-follow guide for managing anger problems...well documented and recommended for self-help collections in academic and large public libraries and for mental health practitioners.


The Anger Busting Workbook

Simple, Powerful Techniques for Managing Anger and Saving Relationships


James A. (Jim) Baker, one of America's forerunners in the field of corporate training, has received national and international acclaim for his worldwide training seminars. He specializes in conflict resolution, negotiation, and anger management.

Includes 51 Anger Busters you can use anytime, anywhere. When counting to 10 doesn't cut it anymore

It Can happen to anyone. You get mad, really mad. Then things start happening. The shouting starts. Doors get slammed. Something gets broken. Someone gets hurt. If you--or your partner --have the kind of anger that rages out of control, you're not alone. Many people feel things deeply and react strongly to the situations around them. But anger can become a way of life. 

When it starts to affect your marriage, your job, your kids, or your own sense of who you are, you know it's time to get help. If you're already visiting a therapist, facing a judge in court, or getting written up by your boss, it's still not too late. The information and techniques in this book put you in control of anger and back in charge of your life right NOW.


Win back your life -- and your wife -- in 90 days. These proven techniques have already helped thousands of men save their relationships and turn their lives around. Part One of this workbook is for men. Part Two is for the women who love them. You'll even read about other couples facing similar situations.

Be ready the next time anger strikes.The Anger Busting Workbook takes on anger in a big way. When you have weeks or only days to get your anger under control, this workbook can do it for you. Get straight talk on what you can do TODAY to shut down the boiler and give yourself a second chance.

Quickly learn how to:
- STOP anger, without having to analyze it to death
- Cut the fuel line to your anger in six simple steps
- Put a sock in it--it's OK to simply shut up
- Use body language to put the brakes on anger in less than 60 seconds
- Master words and phrases PROVEN to get you out of the doghouse
- Take care of yourself--create less stress, more success
- Create happier endings for the same old arguments
- Start living the life you really want for yourself AND your family

Quick Quiz! Are you an "Anger Addict"? Find out on page 27.

Anger Busting At It's Best
- Includes 51 Anger Busters you can use anytime, anywhere.
- Easier to rip in half than a phonebook, but so much better for you!
- Use it on your own, with your spouse,or with a therapist.

The New companion to Newton Hightower's Best Selling, Award Winning Book, Anger Busting 101.

Please visit James A. (Jim) Baker at: www.AngerManagementSeminar.com

The Anger Busting Workbook (eBook)

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