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“Great Q&A format. Easy for
girls and moms to use in the
car, on the way to school, or
around town. Something you
can squeeze into any life."

—Regina Lederman, PhD,
RN, Author & Professor, UT
School of Nursing, Teen Pregnancy
Prevention Program

“Delightful. A must-read!"

—Anne Grizzle, LMSW-ACP,
Author of Mothers Who
Love Too Much and Going
Home Grown Up

"Start Talking makes medical knowledge about your
body easy to understand. It
facilitates real communication
about difficult issues."

—Susan J. Mandel, MD,
MPH, Assoc. Professor,
U Penn School of Medicine

A fresh new guide for mother-
daughter conversations, and
perhaps the single best resource
for GIRL TALK. Available at
your favorite local or online

Start Talking Bookmarks

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