The single best resource for GIRL TALK. Easy to read, lively, down to earth, and definitely teen-friendly. Ideal for BOTH mothers AND daughters. How to have engaging conversations about tough topics. One of the best tools for 


Start Talking

A Girl's Guide for You and Your Mom about Health, Sex, or Whatever


It's not just your body ... 
It's your life!

"This is your time to take charge, get answers, find your passions, stay healthy, and make your life great.  We can help!"
-- Mary Jo and Janine

Start Talking contains more than 113 questions girls ask us every day about, well, everything: periods, sex, relationships, guys, eating, exercise, and more. There are also great ways to get your mom involved. This book can be a fresh start for both of you. The truth is, daughters want to talk—to their moms.  And, moms can learn how to listen—from their daughters.  Start Talking is the place to start!

The first book to get moms and
daughters on the same page.

Now, you both get super straight answers about
• How your body works—top to bottom, we cover it all
• Feeling good, feeling fat, and everything in between
• Birth control, STDs, and what makes you a virgin 
• Sex—how to know when you’re ready, and when you’re not
• Why just because you ask, doesn’t mean you want to do it
• Saying no and loving it—surprising reasons to wait 
• Fun ways to get closer—from yoga mats to a day at the mall
• Loving your body and living your life to the fullest 
• Getting what you want from life—right now and forever!

The single best resource for GIRL TALK.

Easy to read, lively, down to earth, and definitely teen-friendly. Ideal for both mothers and daughters.

How to have engaging conversations about tough topics.  

One of the best tools for nurses, family doctors, therapists, and health-care professionals -- every office should have a dozen copies.

Start Talking (eBook)

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