Flash Point For Young Adults

Ignite Your Potential!


In the following pages we'll cover a wide range of important subjects related to personal
achievement.  You can find a list of what we'll cover at "What's Inside." the table of contents
pages, in the font of the book.

By the time you've finished each chapter of Flash Point, you should be prepared to take
advantage of the information you've learned to help you speed up your rate of personal

Please keep in mind that the object here is not to finish the book quickly.
Instead you should learn at whatever pace is comfortable to you.  If it takes you
a month, or even 6 months, to get through, that's okay.  Nothing worthwhile happens 
over night.  It's better to understand and get good at something, and then move on to
the next thing, than it is to move too quickly and be familiar with a lot of things but great
at nothing.  So again, work at a pace that works for you.

Walt Disney used to say, "Don't just give your audience what they want. Give them what
you know they need and will help them."  Well, you are my audience, and that is exactly
what I hope to do.

In order to get the most out of Flash Point: Ignite Your Potential!, I suggest you do
the following:

1. Take a moment to look over the contents to familiarize yourself with the subject matter.
2. Recognize that several chapter build on, or work with, information in previous ones,
so reading the book and doing the exercises in their written order is ideal.  However,
you can certainly read the book in whatever order you want, since you may have
certain subject that are of greater interest to you.
3. Take advantage of the useful tools provided that will help you learn the information
you'll read much more quickly.
4. As you read, think about how you can apply each lesson to your own life.
5. Enjoy the process.

Flash Point For Young Adults : Ignite Your Potential!

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