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As a parent who uses Strategic Interaction:

1. I will keep the Businessand Personalsides of my
relationship separate.

2. I will use as much of the Personalside as possible.

3. I will adopt a position where positive interaction is more likely.

4. I will keep positions flexible.

5. I will avoid blaming my child.

6. I will remain as calm as possible.

7. I will "hear" my child's thoughts and feelings.

8. I will remain rational.

9. I will promote rationality in my child.

10. I will avoid:

a. reacting defensively.
b. giving long explanations.
c. trying to get my child to "understand."
d. trying to give my child "insights."
e. convincing my child that I'm being "fair."

11. I will try to change interactions rather than trying to change my child.

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