Three generations of Americans have placed their hope and trust in Elisabeth Kübler Ross's theory of the grieving process. At the insistence of doctors, clergy, counselors, care-givers, and countless authors, we have embraced the notion that if we are willing to work the process, our denial, anger, bargaining, and depression will finally give way to acceptance, and we will be able to find some peace and hope for the future.

Unspeakable: The Truth About Grief, offers the first new direction in grief recovery in more than 30 years. The book begins by revealing the fundamental flaws in Ross's theory. Then, using insights discovered in PTSD research, the reader learns of the hidden stage in the grieving process, the deeper the wound that time alone can never heal, the spiritual crises at the heart of traumatic loss, and the unspeakable anger that ravages our lives.

Finally, Unspeakable reveals the miracle that waits for all who grieve, guiding the reader to a place where reconciliation with God heals the wound, melts away the anger, and launches those who have suffered on a path to spiritual renewal and new life.

It turns out that there's a hidden stage in the grieving process. Before we truly accept our loss, most of us are determined to find meaning in it. And its in that search for meaning that we begin to heal.

While there's no shortcut through this process, it does help to have someone with you that knows how you feel and can shine some light on the path ahead.

Herb Orrell is compassionate and breathtakingly honest about his own decades-long journey through the pain of loss. He also examines grief within the larger context of the cultural, spiritual and religious expectations we all face.

By acknowledging and finally coming to terms with his own deepest pain, he helps us begin to courageously process our own.

This book is for all those times when you dare to whisper to yourself:
“I may never get over this!”

This Healing Journey Shows You:

• How “the grief process” fails us
• Why asking “Why me?” is
critical to the healing process
• What to do with your anger at God, yourself and others
• When you know you're ready to move on
• That hope waits for you, in the “hidden stage” of the grieving process----

“A heavier task could not have been imposed than I to speak my griefs unspeakable.”
—William Shakespeare

Unspeakable by Herb Orrell is the first new perspective on the subject of grief in more than thirty years. Orrell candidly explores questions of fear, blame and anger toward God that are the natural, predictable results of grief and trauma, yet considered “unspeakable.” While society commonly shuns the idea of asking “why me?” after a tragedy, Orrell shouts it out, believing it is the only way to unravel the other emotions that we, as humans, often suppress: loneliness, fear and guilt. His background as a minister provides insight and personal experience to the feelings involved with death, tragedy and grieving.

After revealing the fundamental flaw in the traditional and most widely accepted model of the grieving process, Orrell offers innovative views on spirituality, death and grief, providing readers with a path to reconciliation with God.

“There is a miracle waiting for all who grieve,” says Orrell. Unspeakable brings the reader to the place where the deepest wounds can be healed, the secret anger can melt away and a path of spiritual renewal and new life can begin.

Unspeakable: The Truth About Grief
ISBN: 1-886298-14-9 • $24.95 Hardcover
160 pages • Pub Date: November 1, 2002
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