Questions Roger Leslie is Frequently Asked about His Book


Success Express for Teens:
50 Activities That Will Change Your Life


1. Do all teens worry about success?
2. Why did you want to help teens set and reach goals?
3. Why activities instead of advice?
4. Do teens actually like this kind of activity work?
5. What are some of their favorite activities?
6. How have these activities evolved as you worked with teens?
7. How did you come up with these fifty activities in particular?
8. Have you had any unique challenges while doing these activities with teens?
9. What are some success stories from former students who’ve used the strategies from this book?
10. Are there students who simply do not respond to this kind of self-exploration?
11. Some activities seem fun, but I wonder how productive they are. For example, watching a cartoon. How is that effective in building esteem in teens?
12. Another activity encourages teens to pick a dream theme song. Why?
13. Are all the activities about being personally happy?
14. How is your advice different from other goal-setting strategies?
15. How can you get the teens who need it the most to read this book?
16. Could you put us in touch with some teens who can talk about the journey they’ve made using your framework?
17. If I’ve never ridden a train, will I find the book useful?

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50 Activities That Will Change Your Life


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