What Do You Give a Friend Facing Breast Cancer?

This is the coffee table book you can take to the bubble bath... and the gift book you can share with your best friend!

Breast Cancer Recovery:
No One Wrote a Manual
By: Fran Padgett

· Ideal for hospital gift shops.
· More elegant than a robe, more personal than flowers.
· Superb inspiration for health care organizations.

On the morning after receiving her breast cancer diagnosis, Fran Padgett retreated to the beaches of Galveston, Painting from sunrise to sunrise, and on to sunrise again. As she faced the year of treatment and the pronouncement of becoming a "breast cancer survivor, " Padgett chronicled - - on paper and on canvas - - her personal farewell to her body as she knew it.

Through her art and through her book, Fran shares the triumphs, the sadness, the intensely personal choices; the ironies, the laughter, the tears; the sensations of survival, the complexities of healing.

A Gifted write and prolific artist, Padgett is unpredictable lively, funny and feisty. With vivid candor and self effacing humor she uses Breast Cancer Recovery: No One Wrote a Manual to offer comfort and inspire hope.
"Fran Padgetts work touches the inner to heal... truly a legacy to hold near to our hearts."
-- Sheri Hammonds

"Breast Cancer is an intensely personal journey; no two women travel it in quite the same way. Frans poignant words and powerful art confirm that there remains a full like to be lived after breast cancer."
-- Tosha Morton
Breast Cancer Survivor

"Powerfully moving. Unbridled courage--a true advocate for women traveling the breast cancer journey."
-- Esther Valdez, R.N.
Mammacare Specialist

"One of the best gifts I can give my patients."
-- Joan Weltzein, Ph. D.,
Clinical Psychologist

What Do You Give a Friend Facing Breast Cancer?

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Breast Cancer Recovery

No One Wrote a Manual


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