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Welcome to Velocity Books, a division of Bayou Publishing, LLC. Supercharge your life with top-notch interpersonal information and award-winning books. Find out how to bet along better with others and with yourself than you ever thought possible.


In our workshops over the past 20 years, we've listened to educators, professionals, and parents ask for practical materials for enhancing family interactions. We create practical, innovative resources for families and schools that are easy to understand, personally relevant, and professionally reliable.

We believe that all effective parenting, as well as competent teaching and productive counseling, revolves around relationships. Bayou Publishing selects products with a relational focus that underscore respect, hope and communication.

Originally founded on the edge of Braes Bayou in the heart of the Bayou City, Bayou Publishing and the Center for Family Consultation have developed an international reputation for excellence.


Texas law for the social worker

Texas Law for the Social Worker (2016)

Texas Law for the Social Worker (2016)

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