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Fran Padgett

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"I’ll be a breast cancer survivor when I die of something else. In the meantime, I expect to be alive every day in every sense of the word," asserts Fran Padgett.

On the morning after receiving her breast cancer diagnosis, Fran retreated to the beaches of Galveston, painting from sunrise to sunrise, and on to sunrise again.

As she faced the year of treatment and the eventual pronouncement of becoming a "breast cancer survivor," Padgett chronicled - on paper and on canvas - her personal farewell to her body. She charged undaunted into each new day, facing uncharted territory with no map, no manual. Just personal convictions. Convictions leading to hard choices and phenomenal transformations, all marked by swirling emotions.

As she reclaimed her passion for painting and reconnected with her loving community of friends, she discovered new-found perspectives that miraculously accompany confronting breast cancer.

A gifted and prolific artist, Fran’s paintings have been included in group shows, one-artist exhibits, galleries, banks and corporate offices around the country. Countless completed works are in private and corporate collections.

Born during a Minnesota Thanksgiving Day blizzard, she spent her childhood in the rolling fi elds and wintry snows of rural Minnesota. Life then took her to the gritty farmlands of Arkansas, Virginia, and Kansas, to the aqueous coasts of California, Florida, and Texas - seminal scenes for many of her paintings. She has worn many hats: wife, mother, grandmother, single parent, corporate executive, speaker, artist and horse-back rider.

Through her art and through her book, Fran wants to share the triumphs, the sadnesses, the intensely personal choices; the ironies, the laughter, the tears; the sensations of survival, the complexities of healing.

Fran is a charter member of the Museum of Fine Arts, Cypress Creek in Spring, Texas, and Founder and President of The Weathervane Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization benefiting breast cancer awareness and research.

Recognizing her dedication to the cause of breast cancer, BMW named Fran a Houston 2005 Hero in connection with BMW’s Ultimate Drive for the Cure, which raises funds supporting The Komen Foundation.

For information on Fran Padgett - author, artist, speaker forever touched by breast cancer - visit Catlyst Moon (publicist) or at

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