James A. (Jim) Baker. Founder of The Anger Management Training Institute and founder of Baker Communications a twenty million dollar training monolith, Jim combines over 30 years as a corporate trainer with over 15 years in the recovery movement which has helped him to create a set of powerful tools for helping anger addicts lead safer and happier lives.

James A. (Jim) Baker

Vicki Hansen, LMSW-AP, ACSW Each of the editors is a leading authority in the state of Texas on legal issues for social workers and mental health practitioners. Each is a nationally recognized professor who has received multiple awards for service on the boards of numerous state and national associations.

Vicki Hansen

Dr. Bill Kerley regularly speaks to and consults with a wide variety of businesses, groups and leaders on strategies for the enhancement of both personal and professional life. His work and research focus on helping "at-risk" heart patients manage stress and improve their quality of life in the Living Hearts program at Baylor College of Medicine.

Bill Kerley

Ken Olen is founder and CEO of Every Advantage, Inc., an organization whose mission is to help individuals realize more of their potential earlier in life.  Ken has studied the field of personal development for more than 20 years and has effectively applied the principles he teaches to achieve his own goals.  He is entrepreneur, author, and popular speaker on subjects related to human potential and organizational growth.

Ken W. Olen

Jamie Raser, LMSW-ACP, has been working with children, teens and their families since 1976. He is an award-winning speaker who has presented internationally on the topic of parenting.

Jamie Raser

Janine Sherman, RN-C, MSN is a popular presenter on mother-daughter issues.  She is actively involved with physicians, nurses and other health-care professionals as well as daughters, daughters' friends, and teens in general.

Janine Sherman

Mary Lue Summerlin, Ed.D., has served as a teacher, school counselor, family therapist, school psychologist. She was for the past 20 years the Director of Psychological Services in Deer Park I.S.D.

MaryLue Summerlin

(Coauthor with Glenn F. Sternes, Ph.D.)Dr. Sam J. Buser is past-president of the Texas Psychological Association, a board member of the American Psychological Association's Division 51 (Men's Issues), and is a national presenter on issues relating to men.

Sam J. Buser

J. Ray Hays, Ph.D., An editor and is a leading authority in the state of Texas on legal issues for social workers and mental health practitioners. Each is a nationally recognized professor who has received multiple awards for service on the boards of numerous state and national associations.

J. Ray Hays

Award-winning author and teacher, Roger Leslie, uses original and dynamic techniques to help educators and students achieve brilliant success in their personal and academic lives.

Roger Leslie

A gifted artist and original thinker, Fran Padget chronicles what it means to face breast cancer. She founded the Weathervane Foundation to support breast cancer research and was awarded the BMW 2005 Houston Hero Award for her dedication to breast cancer cause.

Fran Padgett

Matthew Samford M.A., L.P.C. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Matthew has traveled from school to school to help children and other counselors for ten years. His interactions with elementary-school age children have lead him to create this collection of therapeutic games and activities that help counselors and parents understand a child's current perspective on various areas in his/her life.

Matthew Samford

One of Ron Snell's greatest joys is helping people in all walks of life learn to admire and love people of other cultures.

Ron Snell

Bob Vruggink, Safety Leadership and Operational Excellence expert, started his career with a simple commitment to safety first. This personal and professional drive quickly catapulted his career from the shop floor to President of a surface technologies company where he achieved four consecutive years of record-breaking safety performance and four consecutive years of unprecedented profits. Bob’s 37-year combined career with Conoco, DuPont, Praxair and BP he continued to build and rebuild businesses and organizations by leading with safety. Executive, consultant, lecturer, and speaker, Vruggink works with executives and the front lines across high-hazard industries.

Bob Vruggink

Anne Grizzle, LMSW-ACP, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Houston, Texas and nationally recognized workshop reader.

Anne Grizzle

 Newton Hightower is Founder and Director of the Center for Anger Resolution, inc., in Houston, Texas. A licensed psychotherapist for more than 30 years, he is a popular speaker at national and regional professional associations and is a frequent guest on both radion and TV talk shows.

Newton Hightower

Dr. Stephen Loughhead is a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of experience helping individuals and families. He is a past president of the Houston Psychological Association. Dr. Loughhead has a psychology practice offering a variety of services to families, but has spent the past 8 years focusing on issues related to divorce, remarriage, and stepfamily relationships.

Stephen Loughhead

 Mary Jo Rapini, MD., LPC is featured on TLC's new series, Big Medicine.  She  is an intimacy and sex counselor, certified anger managment therapist, and popular speaker. A mom with two daughters, her passion is helping all girls become strong women.

Mary Jo Rapini

Deborah Shelton, an active member of the Association for Play Therapy, is a homeschooling mom who believes in turning everyday learning experiences into an excuse for fun family time.

Deborah Shelton

  (Coauthor with Sam J. Buser, Ph.D.)Dr. Glenn F. Sternes is an expert in the field of interpersonal relationships, men's issues and human sexuality. He teaches graduate courses on the subjects and maintains a clinical practice. 

Glenn F. Sternes